Alexander Skarsgard gets some added bite from ‘True Blood’

Playing a sexy vampire on the HBO hit has vaulted his career. He has ‘Straw Dogs’ and ‘Melancholia’ set to be released by year’s end, with ‘Battleship’ in the wings.

Fans, Skarsgard suggested, are seduced by Ball’s signature brand of metaphor wrapped in lurid eye-candy.

“It’s sexy, it’s wild, it’s violent, but at the same time, it’s grounded and it’s about our society,” he said.

Like Stephenie Meyer’s high-school based romance, “True Blood” developed its own love triangle with the old-fashioned Southern gentleman vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and the moodier Eric vying for Sookie’s affections. In real life, Moyer got the girl — he and Paquin married last year — but Skarsgard, son of actor Stellan Skarsgard, has won a following for his chiseled good looks and the swagger and deadpan sense of humor he brings to Eric.

The sheriff’s brooding authoritarianism is nowhere to be seen, though, when Skarsgard, clad in a white dress shirt and gray pants, recounts what led him to this turning point in a career that inadvertently began at age 7, when he appeared in his first film opposite his father, 1984′s “Åke och hans värld.”

Instead, he’s cordial and polite, recounting his decision to quit acting at age 13 when the spotlight become too intense and how he returned to the profession roughly seven or eight years later, after serving in the Swedish military. (Any time he mentions Sweden or his family — he has five brothers and one sister — he brightens noticeably.)

He eventually landed a small part in the Ben Stiller comedy “Zoolander” before going on to star in HBO’s 2008 acclaimed Iraq war mini-series “Generation Kill,” and then “True Blood.” He’s now poised to make the leap to a career on the big screen with two films due out before the end of the year: Rod Lurie’s remake of Sam Peckinpah’s controversial “Straw Dogs” and Lars von Trier’s elegiac sci-fi meditation “Melancholia,” which shot in Sweden and allowed him to work again briefly with Stellan.

In May, he’ll star as a naval officer in “Battleship,” Universal’s big-budget action movie directed by Peter Berg and, yes, based on the board game.

“I was first made aware of Alex Skarsgard by the 15 women who work in my office who came in collectively as one with a picture of Alex and said, ‘He is going to be in “Battleship.” It’s nonnegotiable,’” Berg said with a laugh. “When they left, I pulled up some ‘True Bloods’ and really liked the show and thought that he was completely right for this character. I had a great meeting with him — he and I spent a day on an aircraft carrier in San Diego. After that I was convinced he was the right guy for the film. He had a real sense of what the purpose of that role was. He had really strong opinions and ideas.”

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source:  LA Times