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‘True Blood’ season 7 spoilers: More hints on Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric

We’re trying to be coy with most of our Eric Northman information right now for “True Blood” season 7, and there is one major reason for that: The twist that keeps him around on the show this year is meant to be a big surprise. All that has been confirmed publicly (at least at this point) is that Alexander Skarsgard is still a series regular, and is likely not going anywhere.

While we are not going to be able to tell you (and nor would we want to) whether or not Eric is going to be around for the entire season, at least one of the people he works with for much of the season should not be too great of a surprise at all. For evidence of that, just look at some of the events at the end of season 6. This story will help to make Eric’s story feel more like it did in the earlier seasons, and not where he was so wrapped up in Sookie’s world every second of the day.

In case you missed it earlier this month, Alex gave a pretty substantial hint as to how his character may have managed to survive being burned to death by the sun. Here’s what he had to say on the subjects to TV Guide:

“He’s surrounded by a lot of wet snow … That might give you a hint [about Eric’s fate]. The environment of northern Sweden helps him quite a bit.”

Don’t expect the show to spend a whole lot of time dwelling on how Eric manages to make it through this, though. There are only ten episodes of this final season, and there is quite a bit of action that is therefore going to be crammed in.

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Jesus Gonna Be Here -SPOILERS



True Blood – Jesus Gonna Be Here – Preview
Posted by Kelly Ann at Monday, June 09, 2014

True Blood is back for it’s seventh and final season and they’re taking no prisoners. Last time we left our friends in Bon Temps, a deadly group of Hepatits V infected vampires were descending upon a mixer at Bellefleur’s Bar, formerly Merlotte’s. The opening scenes will leave viewers speechless as one of Bon Temp’s long-time residents is taken down in the fight. The past couple seasons have mostly taken the action out of the town of Bon Temps. Well this season is here to bring it back to the beginning, having most of the action based in Sookie’s hometown and focusing on the core characters.

The premiere episode is full of fast paced action and jaw dropping moments, in typical True Blood style. Also during the melee at the mixer, several of characters are swiftly kidnapped by the infected creatures. We’re also introduced to several members of a vigilante group who is entirely against vampires, infected or not, as well as any humans who associate with them. Much of the premiere is focused on Sookie and Alcide, Bill and Andy, Jason and Violet and Jessica trying to find or protect their friends and loved ones. Another character who is looking for something she’s lost is Pam. She is trying by any and all means necessary to find where her maker has disappeared to, and nothing will stop or distract her from finding him.

The first episode of the season sets up the final season as dark and deadly. Everyone is at risk of losing their lives and the entire town points their fingers at Sookie. Who will survive and who won’t? Only time will tell!

“Jesus Gonna Be Here” premieres on Sunday June 22nd at 9 PM ET on HBO.
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Fans have been dying for Eric and Sookie to hook up – what kinds of reactions have you been hearing now that it’s finally happened?

Alexander Skarsgard

I know that people have been talking about it – but I try to stay away from the blogs and fan sites. I’m a little scared … I do meet fans in person, though, and the feedback has been great this year. It seems that people are enjoying Eric’s arc, which is great because I had a blast shooting it. I love playing “Amnesia Eric.” It’s just such a different side of him, and it’s always fun as actor to dig deeper. You learn a lot, and I definitely have this year.


Is it difficult to play a person-within-a-person?

Alexander Skarsgard

I wanted to make sure that it was a side of Eric – not a new character. The side of him that was hidden. He’s very innocent and naïve now, but I also thought it was very important not to lose the old Eric – the predator – and the element of danger there. You’ve got to feel that to make it interesting, I think, and it’s something I focused on. You definitely see how he can get very violent, especially in those moments where he’s protective of Sookie.


In this week’s episode, “Cold Grey Light of Dawn,” there’s a drawn-out, multi-location love scene between Sookie and Eric. Was that the most involved one you’ve shot so far?

Alexander Skarsgard

It’s up there. I’ve done some stuff in other movies as well that’s pretty graphic … But these were definitely some pretty intense scenes. We were kind of all over the place. But my favorite scene is yet to come …


Alcide gets a deflating dose of Sookie and Eric’s intimacy in this episode. Do you think the werewolf has any chance at a future with Sookie?

Alexander Skarsgard

No. I don’t think she’s interested in dogs.


This season, it seems that fans are even more attracted to innocent, sweet Eric than they are to dark, mysterious Eric. Any idea why that is?

Alexander Skarsgard

I think it’s a point of contrast – that they’re seeing something open and vulnerable, someone who’s willing to connect on a deeper level. Old Eric was very guarded and wouldn’t let himself do that, so I think his sensitivity has been interesting. He lets people in for the first time in a very long time, and that’s definitely something new. I’m just really grateful that people respond to him and his relationship with Sookie. It’s great to play this other side of him that’s been hidden for almost a thousand years.


[editors note: Alexander has repeatedly said he does not read websites or blogs. However, there have been a few interviews over the years were he has used terms or said things that give him away. In this one it is Amnesia Eric. The fans call him that, to separate him from regular Eric. He has also said in the past that the blogs often know more than he does about what is coming up. So yes Mr. Skarsgård, I do think you take a peek now and then. Human nature and  plus it gives you an idea if you are doing your job well. You are. Eric is one character we don't complain much about. Thank you for the research and hard work you put into developing him. The writer's give you the material, but you bring it to life. ]