Arm Porn is Back!!

Dearest Black Tank-top:

I’m so glad to see you back where you belong. You have been missed terribly in your absence. No one accentuates those shoulder’s in quite the same way. No one does it like you, black tank-top. V-Neck sweater tried, but it’s always been you. Hug those pecs well, my love. Guard those abs from all dangers.

All My Love,

I learned a new thing today

I have a new iPhone. I had to learn how to move screen caps to the iPhone today. Why you might ask? Because I so ship this. Man do I ship this. OMG do I ship this. So I sat while the phone is hooked up to the Mac and figured out how to drag screen caps to its tiny ass. Just so I could replace Eric Northman’s pretty face with Eric Northman’s pretty nekkid body on top of Talbot’s. Why?


Now the only problem is what am I going to do with an exploding vajayjay at the grocery store? Suggestions?

The Dimple Dukes are back.

So Alex was naked in TB on the first episode. You didn’t see it, well you should just go get a shot gun and shoot yourself right now because WTF!!!! It was the most hottest bod I have seen in a while and a bod that I want to assault really bad if you didn’t know you better ask somebody. (they will tell you)

For the love of god Anna P Look at it. Look AT IT, (it’s times like these you really want to smack some sense into somebody – now it’s AP) look at the beaming light that is known as the GP,(haven’t read the books yet go get it) you know that you want to Anna. If I ever wanted to kiss someone’s ASS it would be Alexander Skarsgård fine ass.(puss, puss) God damn have you seen those dimple dukes of his. (Yes, I have named them, move along) They are fine, fine, oh so fine.

Any roo enjoy the dukes in all their ass glory.