Hammarby Fotbol

Become a member and pay directly online

Do as Alexander Skarsgard, Petter, Magnus Carlson from Weeping Willows, and many others. Join Hammarby IF FF and construction Bajens future. The money will go to developing youth football. What do you know who are not members but who should be there? Contact them and ask them to register directly online. Click here.

It is the best way to ensure continued successful operation with more home grown players in the first team. Do not forget Bajen Aid Gala. The more we are together the stronger we become. No. 12 is unique in the world. Finally, here are a personal greeting by Alexander Skarsgård:

Dear squints and beans!

There are things in life we do without, Melodifestivalen, a kidney, cream cheese & caviar in the same tub …
Hammarby Football does not belong to that category. I grew up on South Stadium and the idea that in future not be able to take my Knodden to see Bajen Lira ball makes me sick. Do you feel the same way as I have three invitations to you:

1st Become a member of the immediate Hammarby Football if you are not already det.Klicka here.

2nd Go to the matches. And while you’re there, do what we do best in northern Europe – sing!

3rd Come to the Aid Bajen at Debaser Medis 20 June. There will be a magical night with one hell of a lot legendary Bajen profiles, all on hand to save our beloved Hammarby.
Still, it waves!

Alexander Skarsgård
Chair. Bajen Pigs Hollywood


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