Hot in Hollywood

“I can afford to PASS UP Hollywood”
Alexander Skarsgard doing so well in the U.S. these days that he can choose smaller projects.

  • FACTS:
  • Who: Alexander Skarsgård.
  • Where: The Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel.
  • What: Launch of the fifth season of “True Blood”, which in Sweden is broadcast on 6 september.Hur he was: Alex is always schyst but depressed over the interview scheduled, while Italy and England played the quarterfinals of the European Football Championship.

Alexander Skarsgard on his career in the U.S., family and love
In the last year Alexander Skarsgard worked non-stop.
In addition to television current “True Blood”, he has four new films in the pipeline.
- Now I can afford to PASS UP Hollywood, he says.
When we meet in Beverly Hills brings us to the topic because that particular seat was something he dreamed about when he made the jump across the Atlantic many years ago.
Today he has reached the goal.
- Last year was the first time I could turn down more high paying jobs, and instead do what I am passionate about, he says.
Not able to go home
Alexander, 35, refers to the three upcoming films, “What Maisie knew”, “The East” and “Disconnect”.
- I wanted to work with the directors and such projects as Lars von Trier is doing, where you more or less pay to be with (laughs).
It also cost leisure. He says he has been working so much that he could not go home as often as he wished.
- But I will stand for five days when we’re done with the TV series. Then I’m going to Vancouver and the film “Hidden”.
Opted out of Sweden
It is a drama about a family who moves into a bunker to escape a mysterious epidemic.
- I had a choice between a summer in the Stockholm archipelago or a bunker. I chose the bunker, he says with a laugh.
But first, he hopes to catch a taste of the Swedish summer.
- I’m going to mom’s summer cottage in the archipelago, meet friends and my siblings. I have a brother who is three and when you are away for eight months is a long time.
Soon, another sibling of the world.
- Megan, Dad’s wife is pregnant so that is on the way. He runs hard, old man.
“The difference in girls’
Alexander himself is officially single.
But he does not seem to have no companion. Scarcely a day passes without the gossip columns in the United States claims that he has a new woman at his side.
- There is a difference between American and Swedish girls. In all cases in Hollywood, where people are much more aware of appearances.
But that makes him not to throw in the towel in the hunt for the right one.
- I think it’s okay as long as one stays away from the Hollywood scene.

by Magnus Sundholm for

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