True Blood Season 5 Music

#1 – Turn! Turn! Turn!

The Byrds (the most popular version of this traditional song there are many many others)

#2 Authority Always Wins

John Melloncamp

#3 – Whatever I Am, You Made Me

Koko Taylor

Nina Simone’s version

#4 – We’ll Meet Again

Dame Vera Lynn (Stanley Kubrick used this in Dr. Strangelove)

Johnny Cash’s Version

Or a completely different song by Pantera with the same name (such an “Eric” song)

#5 – Boot N’ Rally Ally

Ice Hooter

Boot N’ Rally Ally


Going out on a limb with an obscure pick first by Sam Hook

Well known version by Breaking Benjamin

#7 In The Beginning

This selection might throw you for a loop. “In the Beginning” by the Moody Blues is actually just the spoken words at the beginning which segue into “Lovely To See You Again My Friend” which is a good bromance song.

Now, if you go with a close but not quite title, From the Beginning by Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Then there is In the Beginning/Shout At The Devil by Motely Crue. It fits, but it makes me mad as a rip off of David Bowie’s style in Diamond Dogs. So there. lol.

#8 – Somebody I Used To Know

#9 – Everybody Wants to Rule The World
My Pick


#10 – Gone, Gone, Gone
Bad Company Version (my pick)

Everly Brothers Song as sung by the Celtic Viking Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

#11 – Finally
Fegie’s Song (my pick)

Ce Ce Peniston’s Song “Finally” version by Adam Joseph

#12 Save Yourself

If they don’t use this I need to hurt someone!! lol My Chemical Romance

Stabbing Westword

Finally The Make Up someone it may be this one


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