47 thoughts on “Alex @ Lunch Thursday

    • I was torn, not about the crop but because he looks so angry. But I figure we all need to see the angry panda so maybe it will take over and pull said panda’s butt out of behind. Crosses fingers.

  1. Ew. She is eating off of his plate. I just want to rip her skanky hands away from him. I am so glad you cropped her out. I hate her sooo much…have since the Orlando days…she is “sooo annoying” as she said very loudly to the paps from the concert.

    • All the while flashing them her earrings from the her new jewelry line, after the woman driving the car had tweeted about her and Alex being at the concert in the first place. Yes so annoying.

  2. I feel like a fucking buzzkill today…but I don’t know that I want to watch another 6 months of him looking like an asshole. I was thinking…wow, all the pics with fans from Hawaii and Germany and Poland were really lovely…he was so sexy and friendly…and then I was thinking…maybe he only smiles when it furthers his career. I wonder what he REALLY thinks about his fans when they ask for pics or autographs….he sure seems like an asshole when he’s in LA…or is that just how his face looks? I thought he was a lot better than making grim faced appearances in Jewelmint commercials….at public events…and outside at lunch…

    I know I’ll probably get my ass chewed for saying all of that…since I sound like an asshole myself…but it’s one of those days. Oh, awesome….more of the great Swedish scowling giant..and his anorexia nervosa , mamas and papas hair brazilian blowout, nervous looking embarrassed girlfriend that he so obviously hates. I thought we were done with this petulant asshole…I thought he was a regular guy again. If you hate LA so fucking much…COMMUTE, motherfucker! If you are THAT ashamed to be photographed…stay at home! You look like a prick!! Not one time when you didn’t want to be hassled…not two times when you were having a busy week, but every fucking time you step onto the street with this broad you look like a giant COCK. Give it a rest already. There are plenty of people who would KILL to have the opportunities you do. Call the fucking Whaambulance.

    Sorry for turning traitor today…I’m sure I’ll sound like less of a cuntface when I’m not having a migraine and PMS and work hassles.

    • Its all good baby. I want to tear up the site today. So I understand. Vaginas are offended. that is why we are here, so we can speak freely. Do so.

      • Thanks, man. I would have been tempted to moderate a giant 8=======D into any comments that gave me any shit today. Like this:

        Edited by Calypso: Eat a meatie! 8========D ——*

        I am such a fucking child, I know.

        ALSO: http://www.popsugar.com/Pictures-Kate-Bosworth-11379187?page=0,0,0#10

        She wore hair UP and earrings IN for walking the dog…and didn’t put the necklace on until lunch…an hour later. Sure, they didn’t know they’d be photographed…poor them, hassled by those pesky paps.

        • The pictures of Kate with her dog were taken outside her vet’s office. We are all supposed to believe that the paps now stalk outside the local Veterinarian waiting for celebs and their pooches. Just Jared just happened to use half the article to talk about her new jewelry line.
          She is a PR whore and is using Alex to get more publicity. When they were apart we never saw Alex getting photographed at lunch or anywhere else for that matter unless it was for a movie or TB promotion. I think he’s a really special guy and I liked her until it became so obvious that she (or her people) are calling the paps and giving them their locations. I think he may genuinely like her and just doesn’t know how to deal with all this. I wish him well and hope that someday soon he finds a girl who deserves him.

      • Thanks Maeve!! I’m sending Major Hugs your way too ! Thank God he has a HOT body! Hee hee…”slug brain” I love it! I’m sending out CAB juju as I type…”Boom Shaka Loom Shuck Shuck” (you can’t see me, but I’m doing an all Powerful Voodoo Dance complete with fire coming from my fingertips pointed in Askar’s and Twiggy’s (’cause no doubt they’re somewhere together right now…BARF!) direction! LOL!!

        • Well throw in some slug brain get your head out of the pr machines ass and be real again voodoo because this is all this is. period. he is a walking zombiefied pr nightmare. I see that dance will do my own too. Good work fellow CAB.

          • You bet ! We fellow CABs have got to stick together in all this crazy ass Askars/Twiggy mess!! I’m conjuring up some more voodoo dance moves as I type. Now, where did I put that Twiggy/Askars voodoo doll? LOL!!

    • Hell no Calypso…you’re NOT being a traitor or sounding like an asshole!! I TOTALLY agree with you ! Even though I’m a stubborn (my stubborness is legendary in my family), cynical, realist…even I was starting to hope against hope that Askars and Twiggy were donezo, but now I see I was dead wrong! The two dumbass famewhores have re-emerged all lovey-dovey as usual (YUCK)! But unfortunately I was right in saying that he had been speaking with a forked tongue and not making choices or carrying himself like the man I fell in lust with after “Generation Kill”. It’s like hitting a bad patch…I just need to get over it!

      • They haven’t been real lovey dovey and that is why I think people are like, what the fuck! Stop with the games already. Nobody is that fucking stupid and it is insulting to pretend that they are.

        • Hi Sayitagain ! Yeah I know…I was actually being sarcastic when I mentioned them being lovey-dovey. My sense of humor sometimes gets lost in typing.

    • So I was reading your post – got the second paragraph – and shot coke right out of my nose! The only thing I can add is: Alex, If you hate the exposure so much that you must wear your perma-scowl to every outing in LA – here’s a novel idea – invest in a cord, plug the IPod into some speakers (there’s your music) and cook some fucking lunch (food) at home (privacy).

  3. Ha! I figured it out. When I was looking at the picture with her fork in his plate I felt reminded of something that I couldn’t place. You know the movie “The Others” with Nicole Kidman where she is going into the bedroom because there is something creepy about her daughter only to find out it is that scary looking old psychic lady? Her hand reminds me of that scene where she’s playing with the puppets! Soooo nasty!

  4. So I’ve been patiently waiting for this to all unfold. And I am so happy that people are finally noticing Alex’s questionable ways. I knew about them from day one. He’s nice, but its always like a raise your eyebrow kind of nice. I could never quite put my finger on it. Also none of my insiders have nothing to say about him because in their words “he’s not really relevant” I mean no doubt I think he’s hot, but lets be real people. Do we all genuinely believe he will have a long lasting career in HWood? Personally, I highly doubt it. Alex has no range, and I really feel like he’s not that great of an actor, he’s ok, but not great ::shrugs:: And also he ain’t getting any younger and usually that isn’t a problem in HWood for guys, but when you don’t really have a long list of “American” films to back you up you’ll basically be screwed. And him doing this showmance for pap attention is not helping him in the least. All I’m saying is don’t be surprised if after Trueblood, ASkars becomes a certified male version of Bosworth. I’m calling it now!

  5. May I rant?…I’ve been so pissed about Askars FINALLY revealing that he is perhaps just as much a famewhore as Twiggy is !! I think he bit off more than he can chew with this PR stuff and quite frankly, I have no sympathy for him! I still lust over his looks but I now find him as useless as a used tea bag! I’m pissed at myself for letting this Mother****** take ME down the rabbit hole!! Okay, I’m a big girl and followed him willingly but still…I’m HELL-A MAD!! He and fucking Twiggy deserve each other!! Okay…better now…Mannnn he looks HOT in these pics!!

    • Hugs Mik. Its ok bb. Really it is. Just drool over the body and forgot about the slug brain inside. Really it is ok. Maybe it will climb out of the rabbit hole. Maybe. have faith and send some good CAB juju out onto the universe. But yeah, I think everyone is pretty much fed up with the lack of integrity at this point, so it is ok.

  6. O.K. let’s step back a little. I try not to put any hate or negative out in the Universe as it all does come back.

    IMHO when I see KB something about her just bothers me. It’s like she has a bad Aura around her. IDK but to me it seems since she grew up in this lifestyle she thrives off of it. It’s like she’s a parasite or an energy Vampire (LOL!). KB has had her whole life to be manipulative and learn how to play the dumb blond with the innocent cute smile and just suck men in. Look at her track record for getting men. She’s not much to look at but she knows how to play them. I don’t like her and never will but I will not wish hate or anything bad on anyone. Anyways she’s doing a good job of it herself.

    Now Our AS from past interviews has revealed that he is insecure about his looks which makes him an easy target for KB and her cronies. Another thing is that AS has also stated that he grew up in a hippie type family and they tend to be very open and accept people for face value. Again easy target for KB or anyone like her. AS has also stated that he is stubborn and has a dark side that can be very destructive. None of this makes him a bad person. I don’t think any of this is a PR stunt either. I just think he is getting played and is falling into the whole KB trap. Yeah, he’s just being dumb and I think that someone close to him needs to smack some sense into him.

    Also what we see thru the paparazzi camera lens is easily manipulated into what they want us to think If you think about it the paparazzi are in a win win situation. Since AS won’t be a team player and let us get the happy couple picks we’ll just make him the Ass***e and get the pics and footage to feed into that. We still make our money. IDK but from what I’ve been reading it’s like blood to sharks.

    I don’t like what I see but so many things can be twisted. It’s always easier to criticize someone when your seeing from the outside in. Try being the one on the inside and everyone has an opinion. The bad part is is that we have no idea what is the real story. We are making assumptions and we know what the saying is. “When you make assumptions you only make an ass of yourself”.

    What I think is that I see someone who has stepped in a whole new world that will eat you up & spit you out. He’s not used to it and is having a hard time figuring it out. Unfortunately someone like KB is using him and he isn’t quite catching onto the whole game.

    Again that’s just my opinion and I am an AS fan and personally I like his acting. I wish him the best and hope he makes better decisions before he can’t get out of the rabbit hole himself.


    • I agree he is in over his head. I agree about KB. But unfortunately I do know he is in on the PR aspect of it. Perhaps it is more than he bargained for now, but he walked into it willingly. It is eating him up and he is turning into something he didn’t used to be. I don’t like it and I won’t pretend to.

      But until he pulls himself out of this mess and puts on his big boy panties, he has to take the good with the bad. He has a lot of talent and should be working on that rather than trying to prop up KB with her jewlery line. Or trying to get his name in some gossip rag. Someone has convinced him this is the way to do business and he fell for it. Now he is paying the price. He needs to learn the lesson. I don’t feel sorry for him, it is the only way he will learn.

      And yes, i think he is too naive. I have that same stupid ass fucking trait myself. And it bites me in the ass all the time.

      • LOL! Maeve, I get your point and we all are nieve at one time or another. I think it can be an endearing quality but unfortunaely people are just plain mean sometimes.

        Could you imagine trying to maneuver Hollywood. I’d be up shit’s creek without a paddle (LOL).

        Maybe your right he bought into someone’s PR idea. He does need to put on his big boy panites but hasn’t quite figured out how to yet. IDK I have seen good men manipulated and abused by women like KB most of my life and I just hate it.

        They take something good and suck the life out of it and then complain when they are alone and used up themselves.

        Maybe I need to contact my friend and see what kind of voodoo we can conjur up. LOL!

        I just don’t like all the evil being put out there. Have you been on JJ yet. Jeesh they must pay people to post that stuff or people are off there meds.

  7. She is a succubus and sucks the hotness out of him everytime she’s around.

    No Kate= Smiling, tanned, relaxed

    With Kate= Scowling, brooding, walking a mile in front of her and just plain being a douche.

    The girl must have a solid gold hootchie to snag the men she has. Either that or she can suck the chrome off a trailor. Anyway, I hope he stops thinking with his little brain before he loses a big chunk of his fan base.

  8. The man is being played by both those who are meant to be “helping” him with his career (failing in the process, given he had much more appeal before the attempt to integrate him moreso into the “social politics” and game playing of LA to “advance” his name and career.) and then obviously there is this pariah of a woman.

    I posted over at SkarsgardNews as AbsinthiaChaser and i stand by my MEGA, MEGA, MEGA LONG POST there. As someone who has Criminology/Forensic Psych as their speciality PLUS been around people in media etc, the whole situation screams insincerity from her at me. Im not some mega super fan, i liked the mans foreign/independent film work more, and i do think he is a good actor…he has raw talent when it comes mimicing emotion and portraying characters (which is gonna get ruined in US given how much US movies like to dillute and mould actors sadily lol), but moreso, i do like the way he came across as an individual and im NOT into the whole celeb thing. When i come across stuff like this its thru work or research. I only came across Skarsgard due to a film he directed “To Kill A Child” and thru his charity work and trying to raise awareness of Hammarbys near downfall, altho eventually got into TrueBlood as a series and actually thought he came across as a typical really awesome Swede and a very down to earth and deep intriguing person (who i felt did not fit in LA for those reasons, and thru the obvious knowledge something like this was going to happen lol). Naturally as a result of the web i noticed the changes in opinions towards him due to his relationship so had a little stirring and wanted to see what the big deal was so did my research…

    I completely agree from reading what is available about them, and Kate, she is very opportunistic, manipulative and it is very much false and PR etc on her part…but sadly whether he was in the know about that (for PR) or not, the fact is, he is a human being before he is an actor and the man does show GENUINE distress in many of the photos that are available…yes its obvious she wants the attention and she is the opposite of him (she IS the opposite of him, and he doesnt scream the insincerity she does, he just screams utter confusion and sometimes appears as if he wants to escape), HOWEVER you can say what you like about that girl and her manipulative tactics, but i dislike the body image comments (judge her transparent behaviour but not appearance cmon, as much as yes im aware the uglyness can show itself thru her physical thru her mannerisms etc) its still not fair to judge him or be so mean like some have been. Many of us have been with an asshole or fake motherf*cker at some point, and if we were all judged by the mistakes in company or dating we made, we would all be getting trash talked about us. I do feel sorry for him because he seems like a really unhappy man with way too much pressure put on him by those claiming to help his career, by this womans behaviour, the media and even his friends. I wouldnt blame him if he eventually got tired and buggered off back to Sweden because thats what it seems like he needs. He looks ill.

    He is TRANSPARENTLY getting pulled from all ends, and yes he is a grown man but he also seems to have image issues etc also (i agree with some of what Aixa says), and has the wrong people around him in LA and in the wrong atmosphere it seems (he was grounded in Sweden it would seem, and im guessing he has a different agent the last 8months or so or am i wrong? subtle changes are visible yes but he seems more frustrated than deliberate fake or fame whoring). Hes a Swede…and you know what…being a Swede in LA (esp a male), by fuck that is a disaster as it is, without being in the line of work he is in. Its VERY visible from his cues etc that he is trying very hard to try and stay himself (VERY HARD) but at the same time he appears to be getting dragged into the whole play the game to stay in Hollywood and advance your career bullshit. Whether hes aware his GF is a pariah or not, he seems to be aware hes being exploited in some way i believe judging by his reactions in some photos etc and he doesnt come across like a stupid man but hes going along with it…you can say hey if he dumped her ass it wouldnt be an issue, but who are we to judge his decision when it comes to dating, maybe he does like her…he does have some image issues as orig highlighted and aware he is older and women like her do home in on men like him esp new risers, maybe he now knows what hes gotten into but just feels he cant get out of it for career reasons (which are being highlighted for him by management etc) yes or wants to be nice and remain friends because straw dogs will be out soon and surely they need to do interviews and publicity together? Regardless that doesnt matter. Surely you can support him and his talent without supporting her? You just do what your doing, crop her out of images, dont give her the mention or attention she craves etc, but still remain loyal to his work, talent and who he is until he proves for sure that hes became another LA tainted famewhore douchebag…so far hes just screaming something totally different and i pity him a lot.

    If it was your brother, would you all of a sudden start talking trash about him and try isolate him just because he was dating a manipulative game player? Thats last thing he needs, im sure if his family can see the media theyd be aware of some of this for themselves if smart but im sure they wouldnt say much either…you gotta play situations like this right and let people make their mistakes but still remain loyal to them if you truly liked who they were or care. If anything he needs empathy, whether he knows it or not, because he is in obvious inner turmoil regardless from what i can see and that must be horrible, esp as she is lapping it all up. When it all goes pear shaped and your all having a laugh (admittedly losing that woman would be good for him) he is gonna have some crappy feelings still there too, even if free and hes just gonna become the guy who got played and more starlets are gonna line up…hes gonna feel even rougher more so if his fanbase has deserted him or took a dislike to him. You can dislike his gf and still like him and what he does.

    I think if he stays on the track hes on he may lose himself eventually but so far, the person he put out there in interviews and so on still seems very much in there just having a massive battle. So when your ripping in about him being a fame whore, try remember that. Hes in the middle of a hell of a game, and sometimes you gotta do shit things for your career and learn the hard way. Doesnt make him a bad person. <3 to you all, some of you seem crazy, but well…i do psych, i do love me some crazy. ;)

    I must admit, as someone in psych it does make me smile seeing some of you crazy women, but if your sincere about admiring him for talent etc, dont judge him by which manipulative starlet he is banging, of course its nice seeing decent people with other decent people but we all know how that often goes and the way dating goes in LA/The business…theres always some asshole waiting to ruin that, and the deluded fans being vile as if he would be interested in them…theyre behaviour just shows they are just as crazy as KB just to a diff degree. ;)

    • First you should know a couple of things. On good inside authority, Alex is in a deal with KB for the PR. This is know to be true. Now, if they have any actual relationship is a debate among the Cabs on this site, as we call ourselves. I personally believe it is only physical when convenient.

      Second, I personally believe that in making this deal Alex was naive. I have seen signs from him that emotionally he is like I am, smart but naive about people. Too trusting. He made a deal in his insecurity due to his age (not old but old by HW standards) to try and fast tract his career. Bad move. He has more than enough talent to carry himself if he had had patience. But insecure doesn’t breed patience.

      Third, KB is a shark. I also personally think there are some serious emotional issues but lets leave that for another time.

      Alex is in over his head. He made a bargain and is in too deep for what he thought he was getting. KB knew this more than he did. I feel really sorry for him. But he cannot complain to the press he doesn’t like it, then keep on doing it. It ruins his integrity.

      And that is what all of us here are complaining about. We feel like we have been lied to repeatedly.

      And don’t think we are stupid. Don’t underestimate us. The women on this board can discuss Lacan and psychological theory with the best of them. Our own degrees might surprise you. They are wide and varied and we are well read. While we may blow off steam and sound like typical fan girls, on some levels, in more lengthy discussions I assure you we are not.

      So no we don’t dismiss him overall as a bad person. We are terrible upset at him for making some extremely bad choices. Like I said I do feel sorry for him because I do feel we have some of the same emotional flaws that can cut deeply.

      Tread carefully. We are an outspoken lot not afraid to defend ourselves either. and we are hated with a passion on that other website because of this. Just saying.

      • Yes im aware of much of that and i would completely agree, I have posted in the forum also. ;) Regarding the other site, im not too sure of the “social network politics” going on there, i simply posted my view as some of them seem a tad erm…naive themselves? I dont know if thats the right word as i do believe many of them can see what we can see but theyd just rather not say that openly…dunno if the admin is scared of burning bridges?

        Eitherway im not gonna judge, i havent had a proper indepth feel of the forums or chitchat as yet, i tend to just analyse certain materials and have a chuckle at some comments etc. I thought there was maybe an issue between admins or something but didnt want to infer too much, as it does seem as if…shall we say one side do not mind speaking openly ie here, where as the other would rather urm…paint a prettier version? Almost like urm site PR?

        Im probably gonna be hated on the other site then huh? ;)

        • He has changed both agencies and PR reps. PR rep is KBs. I think she is with another agent though. The other site, it is her way or the highway. Company line. She is not what she seems. I have my own conclusions it involves black/white thinking. She will ban people who don’t agree with her. She will delete comments. I honestly am not sure why she does what she does. I think it helps her ego. I don’t know.

          Here our motto is don’t be a dick to other posters. Well actually don’t be a dick. The only exception is KB. Yes, I made an actual website exception for her. It is permitted to be a dick to her.

          We have barbed humor. I think we even have a football forum but I don’t go there. Someone does. I am sure of it. I think. I do like Man U though but not as much as Munich.

          But welcome.

          • Hey everyone gets a mixture of deluded crazys, naive crushers, people who wanna spit vitriol for insincere reasons AND supporters who are willing to defend OR spit vitriol on certain aspects to challenge various things to keep people grounded etc, before you get to the other types. Its on every site thats related to an actor, celeb or such…god some even have all that on their own personal social networks who aint actors or celebs haha. ;) I can see just as many deluded/naive folk and people fabricating interest in his talent and work etc etc rather than just admit its all over their man crush instead, over there too aswell as some nice ones, same as everywhere else, yep. So i dont think anyone should consider themselves better because they post a letter defending someone and their site, nor because they ban people for discussing the popular themes relating to that person be it their personal life or not, either (theyve got just as many sad fangirls as anywhere). I dont like that critique in any form doesnt seem to be welcomed from what i hear, to me…thats fake and anyone especially a man like Alexander Skarsgard should welcome and understand critique and should welcome sincerity over two-faced bs. I do think in general tho that too many are too interested in his personal life for all the wrong reasons BUT thats what happens when you go to hollywood and want to be an actor sadily, or partake in PR games. :s

            I dont like the censorship but at same time a part of me sorta understands why she would do it IF its meant in the right way and i mean IF…i dont know her nor have i observed her interaction minus a letter, so i dont know if shes just trying to appear to be neutral and be liked to keep sources/her link etc or if it is indeed for good intentions (the letter was a bit emo and could have been better phrased), afterall theres plenty of places to talk the trash and goss. Not my place to judge, i nosey across both sites, but i would say that this one seems to have a more upfront and urm…warm atmosphere? So far anyways. Ive tried testing the water on both anyways, both have positives for diff reasons haha.

            I think a bit strangely to some tho, i mean i think it can be good trying to discourage people from injecting themselves into the personal lives of “celebs” in an unhealthy way etc so banning material/comments related to their private life and making it a no go area is fine and i can understand the just focusing on the positive rather than bring up the negatives altho you know there is one ;) if for the right reason BUT urm you gotta welcome critique at some point if your an adult and she isnt his babysitter, plus it is “fans” jobs to keep these people grounded so to speak. If they dont want discussion about certain things then they need to be careful what they post and how they come across too…like anywhere, otherwise it is fair people will comment. Im not into censorship normally…and i dont like the whole if you dont agree with us 100% or if you dont support one element then you will be banned as you should support all elements kinda thing also. At the same time as me understanding a controlled environment of sorts, i also know it can be better to let even the haters vent than have them keep it quiet, ive seen the latter to have worse results…

            Your not being a dick motto is actually a good motto, and i think if people are just hating on KB because shes a transparent soul sucker and pissed because of the “games” that seem to be getting partook in thats all good, if they did it to a nice sincere looking girl with the dude id be concerned tho and defo thinking you were all crazy crazy. hahaha

            We shall see which site kicks me first, im honest but respectful…so this could be interesting, if they allegedly dont like honest, and you lot allegedly dont like respectful mwahahaha ;)

            Im strange Anarchy…I only watch German and Swedish footie, the product of bein around too many Germans and Swedes. :p

    • Absinthia: I agree with much of what you wrote. I should be way too old for this shite, but there is just something about this man that is utterly endearing and, like you mentioned, untapped talent, and I believe most of his fans really want nothing but the best for him. Hence, the KB bashing. It’s really hard not to believe at least some of what you read when you read it over and over, and then see it yourself in photos as an outsider. It’s just so frustrating to think that this seemingly intelligent, humble, driven man doesn’t see it too. That’s where one has to wonder if he’s not part of dog and pony show himself.

      Yes, he did change agents or PR firms (one of those?) and guess who else they represent – Kate. So are they leading him around by the nose or is he co-piloting? Either way, he’s got some hard lessons to learn in order to survive the sharks (fans, the media, the paps, and hang on wanna-be’s) or he will beat feet back to Sweden for sure.

      • Ahh right that makes it even clearer Karin.
        I do feel immense pity for him, it seems rather half and half.
        To me it looks like he got involved for what he thought were the right reasons and maybe was genuinely initially interested, then when realising HELL NO, dun dun dun, too late, and all the media spin and PR bullshit etc kicked in. Its a sad “play” to watch, and yes i can understand it being very frustrating observing. Its hard not to feel frustrated watching a thing like that, even if you dislike BOTH people, or not. Cherades suck.
        Nice to meet you both by the way.

  9. Fanfic? What is that? Oh my handle is also the name of a Bleeding Edge Goth Doll and i liked the name so ocassionally used it as a handle…mostly as people tended to need a drink after i used to let rip at them on certain old forums i used to go on ;) haha, maybe youve seen one of those dolls with the name on it? :)

    • Bleeding Edge Goth Doll? I’ll have to look that up … clueless :) By fanfic I mean fan fiction. People write stories either based on books, shows, movies, characters, etc. using the characters, but making their own stories. It’s a labor of love and the authors do it for their love of the characters and encouraging reviews. Some of them are really very good – and I love to read. It’s free, it’s fun, and each chapter to whatever stories you follow is like a little present in your Email every day. So far, I only read Eric/Sookie stories either based on True Blood or SVM. Most of them go where Charlaine Harris and/or Alan Ball either won’t go or won’t get to fast enough. It’s my crack (as in drug, not butt!).

      • Hey Karin. I’m not ashamed to whore myself out but I write fanfiction under the handle Hippychik. Don’t know if you’ve come across my little romp through Northern Louisiana but it’s called “So I Married A Dead Guy.” It opens the morning after the pledging in book 9 and moves forward from there. I’ve tried to keep it more of a comic relief rather than the angst ridden situations Eric & Sookie always seem to be getting into. And since it stars the Viking, there’s lots of yummy lemons. It’s still a work in progress but I try to add a chapter every 2-3 weeks. Hope you’ll check it out and tell me what you think. Peace!

        • Hippychick!! I’ve already got your story on alert! I love that story!! I don’t write but I beta for a few. I have your update from the 8th to read with my coffee. Thanks for doing what you do. :)

          • Thanks for the compliment Karen. I don’t use a beta. I’m to anal and insecure and that’s why I constantly request & thank the readers for their reviews. I always think my stuff is crap until I get the validation from the readers. Do all “writers” (I use the term loosely since what I do is more of a hobby) feel this way? Anyway, what’s your handle? I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Peace!

      • Ahh right, thanks for explaining that to me Karin. I hadnt heard of fanfic before. Mind you maybe thats cos the only things i really read of late are geeky reference books and bloody studies haha. Thanks again for explaining. :) As for the starsigns, i like your astrologer…wonder what it said for Libra :p

        • AbsinthiaChaser

          Ask and you shall receive –

          LIBRA: You’ve been sweating bullets over too many things. When the core of our internal and external reality goes into a tailspin, anxiety becomes our constant companion. If this is uncomfortable for you, it might be time to check in with yourself just to see how much you really need to worry about. Most of this could be swept clear with a little downsizing, some prioritizing, and enough sense to realize that you have gotten over-involved with things that have nothing to do with your growth or your fulfillment. Simplify everything. Too much nothing has got you by the balls.

  10. Alex I really hope that you find yourself one day! Despite being disgusted with all that, this whole circus, I will not be calling him names! Of course he is an adult, and is not being totally wrong!

    I only wish that he can see the truth someday!

    I want him to be happy!

  11. For Alex….


    I don’t like you
    But I love you
    Seems that I’m always thinking of you
    Oh, oh, oh
    You treat me badly
    I love you madly
    You’ve really got a hold on me
    You really got a hold on me, baby

  12. Considering the recent uproar, I find this really interesting. Last Wednesday to this coming Wednesday. I tried to send it via Email earlier this week, but my Email came back undeliverable :(

    VIRGO: You’re feeling boxed in by too many demands and are beginning to rethink choices that were made a few years ago. At that time the most sensible thing to do was settle in, settle down or settle for something that you were sure would pan out. Things have changed drastically; and what seemed like the answer then has basically painted you into a corner. Don’t get too hung up wondering how you’re going to manage it. As taxing as this is, if you remain open to anything, it’ll morph into an opportunity … or attract circumstances that miraculously clear things up.

    And . . . K-Ho

    CAPRICORN: Something has to change or this isn’t going to work. When you’re dealing with people who either don’t know what they’re talking about or aren’t experienced enough to know how to take charge, it becomes necessary to call them on it and set a few standards. There’s too much riding on your latest venture for you to let someone else decide how it comes together. At the personal level, just the opposite could be true. If it’s time to play the hard-ass in your outer life, it’s time to soften up about just about everything that relates to love, kids and your internal affairs.

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