Please don’t forget

Our sister site’s own little charity. is one week into a three week auction on a lot of True Blood memorbelia that also includes a couple of things with some nice Alexander photos to drool over. I promise no blonde besides Anna Paquin in sight!

The shipping to the winning bidder is being donated by the site, i.e. me Maeve. You donate directly to a small grassroots group, well two guys who help poor township children in South Africa attend school, and get regular medical treatment. The charity was handpicked by Allan Hyde. This auction was set up with his knowledge.

I want to do good for the charity, these  young men are doing some great work.

There is a copy of the swampy poster in the lot, it sells for $20 on the HBO site. Also there is a virgin, still wrapped copy of the Vman  issue featuring both Alex and Allan in it. The one with Alex’s hair all mussed and him in the white t-shirt? and the dark suit? You know the one ladies. Plus lots of Trubie stuff from the  ultimate fan experience. Yes I am giving away my personal haul.

You have to register on the auction page, not the site page, to bid. Don’t wait until the last moment. Dig out those extra euros, dollars or krone. Lets help them out. Every little bit helps.

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