28 thoughts on “Alex in Los Angeles Last Night

      • I just meant I didn’t want to see them either, but the word had to get out that they were together. Sorry, this has been upsetting news.

        • these photos were taken at the concert they went to~ and if you ask me
          they’re doing a rotten job of trying to give the press the “Slip” and keeping
          their relationship “under wraps”. Alexander doesn’t really like the press in
          the USA~ they’re too nosy,not like they are in Sweden.
          In Sweden they respect your privacy~and if you tell them you want to
          keep something like your family private then they don’t take photos.
          In the USA~ it’s all about the $$$$$$ and the possible scandal they can break!!!.

    • It’s not so much the boots themselves, but the way he wears them. The tongue sticking out – really? He’s a long, lanky, lean machine, but that look shortens his legs and lengthens his torso. Tie em’ and tuck em’ pretty please.

    • Now girlies, I like the boots. At least they are much better than those rubber payless looking things. lol.

      And if they aren’t tied up they are easier to remove. Faster you know just in case…

    • Yeah he looked f’in MISERABLE with her. Glad you took her out of the pics, but damnit when I saw the post I was at first all happy because he was in LA and his stalker famewhore
      “gf” wasn’t with him… but then I saw the JJ pics. So disappointing!

  1. Oh great – he’s back! Oh crap – he’s with her again. Promoting her tacky jewelry line to boot. Why Alex? Why? Sorry Alex, you just can’t pull the cranky face if you’re going to hang with this broad. She comes with bad unzipped boots, a load of dirty laundry, a bad rep, and a whole crap load of paps.

  2. Skeletor is like a bad penny. She just keeps showing up. I’m sorry. I love me some Alex but this stunt screams PR. Why did they leave the theater, cross the street and stand on the corner 10 feet from each other if they didn’t want to be papped? That was a spectacle in and of itself. Wouldn’t the logical thing be to either go in separate cars or 1 gets the car, the other waits inside? Oh that’s right, Kate has cheap jewelry made in China to hawk which she was conveniently wearing as she smugly smiled for the paps. Grow a pair Alex. As my Momma used to say, shit or get off the pot. Either own up to being with this no talent famewhore and smile pretty for the cameras or dump her ass so you’ll have the privacy you claim to want.

    • Use the back entrance. More PR crap. He is doing exactly what he wants, getting publicity. He doesn’t need a pair he has giant ones for acting like this.

  3. I’m an Alex lover (Eric lover), but I’m sick of the whole “game” of it all. I totally agree with the PR crap. Pull up your big man panties Alex and stop being playing coy and snuffy about this. You can’t be a popular actor with lots of fans, fame, and money without a side dish of paps. And, if you’re dating this sadness, just admit it already. Admitting it doesn’t lose you your privacy. It does, however, make you two a little less interesting. Or is that the point? Alex, please don’t play your fans for idiots before you’ve even gotten a movie to the box office. True Blood is only 12 weeks a year. He’s gotta own it all year long to last and I really want him to.

  4. So PR. People who don’t think so haven’t lived in L.A and worked in the biz. It happens all the time. This incident was perfectly orchestrated. Gotta make sure the bobble head hawks her merchandise.

    • I’m new here and I agree with those of you who think that this is PR. If it’s not publicity then something is seriously wrong within their “relationship” and it needs help. I’d be pretty pissed if my guy didn’t stand next to me as the paps were snapping away… Yeah, she has this f’d up jewelry biz to market and they still have ‘straw dogs’ to promote at some point. Lord help us survive that press junket, please.

      If they come to Austin to promo it I’m crawling on my knees to my editor for that interview – that or I’ll just hold his cat hostage until he gives me the gig. Either way, it’s a win.

      Btw, I love this site. It’s not so squeaky clean (I like it a little dirty, just sayin’)

      • This is such a PR stunt. Her business partner is the one driving the car. Someone made a well timed phone call to give their location, probably while they were going to get the car.
        Alex looks pissed. In another video at X17online.com they show a different angle and she’s the one that walked away from him. He even looks back for her. She just stuck her ass in the middle of all the photographers with a stupid grin saying “this is annoying”. Really? You think? Alex look at Anna and Stephen. That how it’s suppose to work. Run away Alex!
        Run as fast as your big, long legs will go.

  5. im sad for him becouse i guess LA is not his place but he have to deal with it if he ants to have a career in the USA, well he can go to NY but i presume paparazzi will follow even there…

    this is a PR for Kate most of all and you know why? Becouse her partener in this jewlery stuff post on Twitter about how beautiful her rings were just after these pics came out…
    that’s sad for me!

  6. The video from them leaving the concert was the most pathetic thing i have seen in ages. It is hard for me to believe they did that for PR as he gains nothing from it, rather he looses.

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