The Bajen Aid Auction

Alexander Skarsgård together with auctioneers Magnus Carlson.

The Bajen Aid auction: Even greater success

Saturday’s Bajen Aid auction surpassed the previous auction in case of withdrawal of money. A long table with delicious Bajen stuff had laid up and most coveted was a signed shirt from the SM-final of 1982. And yes, Alexander Skarsgård was in place.

The Bajen  Aid auction this summer pulled in 140 000 to Hammarby Football. Saturday’s sequel raked in 150 000 SEK. New success then, and it was particularly three items that got the green-whithe bidders to lighten the wallet.

The highest bid landed at SEK 12 000, and it Putte Ramberg autographed shirt from SM-final 1982nd
Billy Ohlsson guldsko, the award for having won the Premier Division top scorer, was also sought after and went for 10 000 kronor.

The same sum was Alexander Skarsgård autographed DVD boxes True Blood and Generation Kill. Certainly a lot depends on that Alexander was in place – and himself forced up for bid.
But the final offer was made by another happy bajare.
- For 10 000, I see the films together with you. Nude on the couch, Alexander promised when the bid was pushed.

A more than successful auction where it once again proved that the Hammarby family is the generous kind.



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