Remembering True Blood Season 3

The 17 Biggest OMG Moments  of “True Blood” Season 3


Posted by  Dennis Ayers, Managing Editor on September 9, 2010  

“…True Blood, which airs its season finale this Sunday, has been on a major creative roll. The HBO supernatural drama has been wilder, weirder, funnier, certainly bloodier, and we think far more entertaining this past year than in the previous two seasons.   

In honor of that and to get you in the mood for the Sunday finale, we thought we’d take a look back on the banner season and pick out the year’s biggest “Oh My God!” moments. These are the scenes that most made us want to laugh, cheer, shriek, cry, or in some cases, seriously hurl. We’ve ranked them roughly from tamest to most outrageous…”  

16. Eric in all his glory.


“The setup: Sookie heads to Fangtasia to enlist Eric’s help in finding the missing Bill. Pam tries flirting with her but Sookie isn’t in the “mood for any lesbian weirdness.” So perhaps out of spite, Pam lets her go down to the basement to witness heterosexual weirdness. Eric, naked in all his glory, banging exotic dancer Yvetta. At supersonic speeds.”  

"see anything you like"


“This aired just after we heard that Alexander Skarsgård refuses to wear a sock when filming nude scenes. OMG indeed.”  


3. “Yes, Daddy!”


“The setup: Eric wants revenge on Russell Edgington for murdering his family centuries ago. Talbot winds up collateral damage. We were sorry to see the fussy royal consort experience “the true death,” but at least until that last gruesome moment when Eric staked him in the back, Talbot seemed to be having a very good time.”  

Which Actor(s) made the #1 OMG moment…. that would be

                 Russell makes the evening news.


“The setup: Russell is in a rage over the loss of Talbot, so he takes to the airwaves to render the nightly news anchor spineless and traumatize humans everywhere. Single greatest line of True Blood season 3: “Now, time for the weather. Tiffany?”  

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I think O’Hare did a fabulous job this season as Russell… How many of you thought he should have been nominated for a Scream award this year? What were your favorite scenes? Let us know what you think about Eric’s memorable moments in the comments.

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