Signs that Alex is into you.

How does a woman knows when Alexander Skarsgård is flirting with you. The question is does any woman wait to see if Alexander Skarsgård is flirting with them. The answer is No!!! We are too hot and bothered in the first place to wait for signs. We just want to jump his bod anytime we have the chance or when he is in our presences. (Speaking for myself here.)

But for those ladies that were given the “I can refuse the Skarsgod, sex bomb appeal” and wait for it. Here are the signs that Alex/Eric is into you. In other words go for it cause he wants you BAAADDDD!!!.

These screen caps were taken from episode 6 of True Blood. FYI: If I was to play any card games with Alexander Skarsgard it would be strip poker. I am really very good at strip poker ( the one that does not uses cards of course I mean what’s the point when you can just rip er strip them off)

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