4 thoughts on “But Her Hair Isn’t Blonde And She Isn’t Bony

  1. He wasn’t fucking around, was he? I have the feeling this wasn’t even close to the first take, either…The actress who portray’s Yvetta looks like she had been crying…forever. (that or she has wicked allergies!) He’s so good.

    “Less than nothing, you GOLD DIGGING WHORE!”

    Also, I love boys who speak sputnik…hees Rahhshaan woos wander-fool.

  2. I loved it because the gold digging whore didn’t translate. lol. and he spit it out so well!! I think he has had practice. At home. A lot.

  3. Agreed. Is it wrong that I thought it was hot? I am so ashamed of myself…LOL. The rhythm of his English gets better every.single.episode. When he was reaming Bill’s ass for being a fucking liar and commented that he needed to tell Sookie “The fucking truth!” I had a whoa moment…his flow used to be slightly off somehow, not anymore!

    • I know and I think it is funny because it is obviously closer to how Alex talks in real life so it sounds better on Eric. Eric’s speech is normally different but now Eric is speaking more like Alex so it sounds more normal to our poor mortal ears. ROFLMAO.

      So now we know how he sounded yelling at skeletor at the Way out West festie. GO ALEX GO!!

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