This Is Why The U.S. Has Alex…

Top 5 8 In Me Now Plz Males
4. Alexander Skarsgård

Funny story: You know how Alex always talks about how he was tired of playing the boyfriend in Swedish movies? Yeah, he’s not kidding when he says that. He was not taken seriously as an actor at all before he made it big in the US. It was more like we pinched his cheeks and talked about what a handsome young man he grew up to be, every time he was in a movie. I actually remember hearing about Generation Kill and thinking like, what in the ever loving fuck is Alexander Skarsgård doing in a lead role on a HBO mini series of all things!? I must check this out so I can laugh at him. And, I was dumbfounded. Now he’s like… Yeah bitch, I’ve played two of your favorite male characters of all time. Who’s laughing now? Ya burnt!

Source: rockingmyface.tumblr

Yes, it is a fellow Swede who wrote this about Alexander Skarsgård. He himself said it many a time. I find it amusing to see it confirmed finally elsewhere.

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