Alexander Skarsgård and Walking With the Wounded


Recently NBC broadcasted an American version of Walking With the Wounded documentary. It fortunately had more Alexander Skarsgård in it than the English version. And we are thankful!!

Also there have been little snippets of film NOT shown in the special. And they give us a great look at Alexander’s sense of humor and also his great support for his comrades. This summer, a.k.a winter for the Northern Hemisphere, was an extremely harsh one and shortened the time that even the scientists had to spend at the South Pole.

Alexander helped keep the spirits up when everyone was lagging. The American Spokesman for the trek showed that he has the heart of our dear American soldiers whom he helped to represent.

The expedition started as a race, but the weather took its toll on all involved. The main participants were soldiers from all over the world, who had been wounded in combat. It was a trek of endurance and courage as they all overcame their injuries to make this over land odyssey.

Below are a few gifs that show Alex at his best. A good, strong soul intent on keeping spirits up.

Alexander in Cape Town before the initial flight to the Antarctic.

Harsh realities of the South Pole

Fixing Dinner for a Prince…

Harry’s Heroes on NBC Tonight


Go inside Prince Harry’s treacherous South Pole trek in prime time special
What began as a race to the South Pole between three teams of combat veterans, including Prince Harry, turned into a struggle for survival.
Matt Lauer will host an exclusive prime time special, “Prince Harry’s South Pole Heroes,” airing Wednesday night at 8 p.m. on NBC. Viewers will be taken along as the royal and a group of veterans embark on an arduous 130-mile trip to the South Pole with the charity Walking With The Wounded.
Harry gives a thumbs up during the trek.
In a preview of the special, Harry and the three teams, the members of which include an amputee, a suicide bombing survivor, a blind paratrooper and a soldier with a brain injury, struggle to overcome the tough terrain, grueling pace and threatening conditions, where temperatures of minus 40 degrees inflict frostbite within seconds.
One team journeys through difficult elements while racing to the South Pole.
“Right at the beginning of this, our aim was to get 12 wounded individuals to the Pole,” Ed Parker, co-founder of Walking With The Wounded, said during the trek. “If we go on like this, we are simply not going to do it.”
Harry showed off a large blister on the ball of his foot. “I can’t even begin to tell you how painful that is,” he said, “but I count myself lucky I have got feet.”
In a sweet moment, Harry’s team headed to Buckingham Palace to meet Queen Elizabeth before setting off for Antarctica.
Harry ribbed his teammates in front of his granny, and she offered some advice.
“I don’t know how they are going to get me out of the sleeping bag,” said Ivan Castro, who’s from Puerto Rico.
“Do be careful of the crevasses and such that one might find,” the queen told him.
Tune into NBC on Wednesday at 8 p.m. for the full special.


Oh Alex How We Appreciate Your Preference for Little Clothing

Alexander Skarsgård can’t keep his clothes on, even in sub-zero temperatures!carzyviking


In a new recently released photo from his South Pole charity trek back in December, the super-sexy True Blood hunk strips down again to celebrate his team’s journey across Antarctica for Walking With the Wounded.

In the photo, which was taken on Dec. 13, 2013, Skarsgård stands in the snow in only tiny black briefs, boots and a hat (check out those abs and pecs!). On his face he wears a fake yellow beard and sunglasses.


groupcrazyMeanwhile, the 37-year-old actor’s Team Noom Coach teammates sport similar stripped-down costumes with underwear, fake beards and hats. The gang all stand together for the chilly photo op.

The whole team carried beards with them during the 200-kilometer trek to provide lighthearted entertainment when morale was low during the arduous journey.

This isn’t the first photo of Skarsgård stripped down in the South Pole. Last month, one of his teammates took to Instagram to share a photo of Skarsgård completely naked on a toilet in the middle of the snow!

Hey, no complaints here.

source: Enews!


Alexander sheds Clothes at South Pole


NOT SHY: Actor Alexander Skarsgard is no frozen type. he showed this during an expedition to the South Pole in December. VG has received permission to use the image. Photo: INGE SOLHEIM / INSTAGRAM

By Kristine Hellem Aanstad

After a month at the South Pole the mood was at high between Inge Solheim (41) and Hollywood heartthrob Alexander Skarsgard (37).

It was in late December that Solheim immortalized moment when Skarsgard decided to undress and sit on a toilet – in 30 degrees below zero, in the Antarctic.

- While we packed up our camp we discovered that the walls around the toilet were removed, and then we decided to have fun and snapped a few pictures of each other, said Mr Solheim told VG.

The Norwegian polar explorer led the expedition that raised money to fund ” Walking With the wounded ‘, which works to raise awareness about war injured soldiers’ situations after they return home from service in the war.

- Physically strong


Heartthrob: Skarsgard has melted many young hearts through his long acting career. Photo: AP

37-year-old son of actor Stellan Skarsgard and is known from several movies and TV series “True Blood.” Solheim tells VG that he has known Skarsgard in a few years.

- He was one of the few I asked who actually could come on such short notice. In addition, he was physically strong enough to cope with the challenges. It was quite by chance that he had the opportunity, he was in between two film shoots .

The spacious toilet picture was posted on photo service Instagram Wednesday and it was quickly picked up by the American media.

- People have gone totally crazy! I’ve lost count of how many online newspapers and blogs that have used the image, the ter crazy that people are so interested. Perez Hilton writes that he was laughing his butt off when he saw the picture – so you can say that it has gotten more attention than I had ever imagined.

- Inspired

The Norwegian has only good words to say about the actor.

- He was roaring good to go skiing, and a great resource for me as a guide. He both supported and helped me with the soldiers, and inspired everyone. Now I think he has tasted blood and will go on several such trips.

The expedition lasted from 20 November 20 December and was achieved as planned. In addition to Skarsgard was also Prince Harry on the expedition which eventually will become a documentary.


Alexander Skarsgård Getting Ready for Pole Trek with

Prince Harry, Alexander Skarsgard, and “300” actor Dominic West are getting down to the wire before their epic race to the South Pole later this month — and TMZ has obtained awesome photos of their training sessions from around the world.

FYI, Harry, Alex, and Dominic (each leading a separate team) are set to depart on their subzero 208-mile journeys to the South Pole in about three weeks — with an ETA of December 17 — and they’ve been training like madmen for the last year.

Polar guide Inge Solheim — who is training the three men — tells TMZ, they’re all in phenomenal shape, prepping by ice climbing, skiing, and hiking around the world.

For example, the Skarsgard pics show the “True Blood” actor heavy backpack training in the Santa Monica mountains in September — then camping, cross-country skiing, and cold weather conditioning in Norway in October.

Harry and Dominic, meanwhile, got their cold weather training in Iceland. Seriously cool pics.

The trek is being planned to raise awareness for a charity called Walking with the Wounded, which raises funds to benefit wounded veterans around the world.

Source: TMZ